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Our Horses

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Zipped In Honey

Dakota is a Registered Paint/Breeder Trust Incentive Enrolled 5 year old mare. She is a true Medicine Hat Paint which the Indians regarded as sacred and believed held magical powers. Medicine Hat Paints are distinquished by appearing mostly white with color outlined on the top of the head only. Color patches can only appear on one flank and on some a patch on the chest in the shape of a shield. One or both eyes are to be blue to determine a true Medicine Hat. She is registered as : Color Bay / Pattern Type: Tob/Ovr with the American Paint Horse Association. Registration # 769,207




Trustee is a 6 year old Quarter Horse. Trustee was used as a "cow horse" working not only cattle but zebra, antelope, buffalo, emu, rhinos, and a few other exotics that I have NO idea what they are. We heard about Trustee retiring from the "Cowboy Life" and decided that he needed a family to spoil him and let him ride/be a horse for fun. Trustee is enjoying his new life with us. He is having alot of fun learning lead changes, different gaits, going on trails, and just being Trustee. Tara and Trustee (T N T) are training for the Barrel Racing Circuit this Fall. T N T are quite a pair!!!!!!


Email: Sheree M. Melhuish
Florida   34212


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