Am Ch Rivermist Gotta B Haley's UFO - CGC,BOSS

October 3, 1997 - August 6, 2009


It was at that exact instant that I felt the world stop And as I tried to breathe, there was no air. Your eyes closed, and there was no doubt that the party had just ended and my heart broke. Then, there was only deafening silence that filled the room. Somewhere in the distance I heard your panting and at that moment I felt that one last tap of your paw on my arm as you said Good-Bye. Yes, you will always be “the baby” my friend. You are and always will be my heart and soul, the goofball, the baby, the glamorous yard dog and the life of the party or shall we say the party of life. You cannot be gone. You live in my heart, in my thoughts and in my soul. I know where to find you - it will be at the magical time of “Twilight” when the day is over and the excitement of night is just becoming alive. It’s the perfect time when you can race across the sky like a ball of fire - lighting up the sky like you lighted up our lives. Yes, I know where to find you. For our bond is eternal and you will forever be that magnificent ball of fire - that wonderful bright light known simply as Haley’s Comet. I love you and miss you every second of every single day. Am Ch Rivermist Gotta B Haley’s UFO - CGC,BOSS “Comet” October 3, 1997 - August 4, 2009 Inoperable benign heart tumor on the tricuspid valve Please go to Comet’s Icon on homepage for a Tribute to his life. Time will span from 8 weeks until 11 years - 10 months - 3 days. This tribute is set to the emotional and powerful instrumental simply called “Regret”. Take the time to listen to the entire song and share in our love for the one dog of a lifetime.

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