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Head shots - Purple and Pink Girls. Slick X Honeykyst Southern Belle


(L) Purple Girl aka Silk & (R) Pink Girl aka Pistol on table 7.5 weeks. Slick X Honeykyst Southern Belle. Bred by Tom & Debbie Young


Pink & Purple Girls bird crazy! Slick X Belle


(L) Green Girl - Slick X Belle (R) Pistol/Pink, Wilson/Blue and Silk/Purple out in the field training at 4.5 months. All 3 can retrieve on land and water to hand - 50 yards. Bred by Tom & Debbie Young. Trained by Tom Young. Slick X Belle


Pistol - 8 months. Slick X Belle


Pistol being shown by her owner - Debbie Young in Brooksville Jan 2012


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